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Cloudberry Software Solutions is a company of software professionals committed to upholding the creation of quality software products. We are passionate technologists who provide end-to-end software, digital and data solutions tailored for the unique needs of each of our clients, at competitive pricing. We build exciting web, mobile, blockchain and IoT applications as well as highly useful data science solutions … all the while having fun while at it.

We embrace the development of software as a craft ...

... and as such, not only do we strive to produce working software, but place emphasis on it being well-crafted. We not only respond to change, but also steadily add value. And foremost, not only do we strive for customer collaboration, but also believe in the fostering of productive partnerships.

We build exciting

  • Web applications
  • Mobile apps
  • Blockchain solutions
  • IoT applications
  • Data science solutions

... and have fun while we're at it

Our Services

Software Development

Allow Cloudberry to partner you into the digital future with our carefully crafted software solutions. Our offerings range from the building of web and mobile applications, through the crafting of software that harnesses the power of the blockchain, right up to the bleeding-edge end of Internet of Things and 4IR-inspired solutions. At the core of Cloudberry's development culture, are delivering quality and adherence to the Software Craftsman Manifesto

Data Solutions

Data is a vital asset to any organisation. It holds valuable insights into areas such as customer behaviour, market intelligence and operational performance. Place your faith in Cloudberry's craftsmen to build intelligent systems that manage, interpret, understand and derive key knowledge from big data sets

Test Automation

We take pride in building quality solutions. To assure this quality to our clients, at Cloudberry we have placed testing high up on our priorities list, and at the heart of our development process. Irrespective of the type of solution, we define, plan and implement appropriate strategies and methodologies, and employ proven frameworks to ensure an automated, quick and high-bandwidth feedback-loop.

Software Consulting

Cloudberry's wealth of experience in building different kinds of solutions, at varying scales, places us in a great advisory position in the realm of software solutions and projects. We walk the journey of analysing our client's requirements and how their capacity and capabilities align to achieve the them, and finally guide our customer towards the optimal solution.

Dev Ops

In our view, software is an enabler for enhanced efficiency. It is for this reason that we have invested heavily in the capacity, not only to build software that speaks to our clients' needs, but to ensure that the process of crafting this software is efficient. Our Dev Ops capabilities guarantee a shortened but controlled loop from writing code, to deploying it to production. We achieve this through the employment of various continuous integration and continuous delivery tools and frameworks we have mastered through the years.


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